Slarck.com was created by a team of two seasoned software developers, with experience in medical imaging software for radiology. We did this after we hit Slack's free tier cap of 10,000 searchable messages in one team.

At that time we were participating in a number of simultaneous projects. And, being those types who love to have conversations in a text form, we found ourselves with massively fragmented work chat histories scattered all over the place: in Skype, in a number of Slack teams, and in HipChat.

  • That's just no good, we thought.
  • Something should be done, we thought.
  • We're not alone in this, we thought.

However, we didn't find anything we could use to collect our conversation history in one place. The next moment, we already knew what should be done about it. As software developers, we just had to make an app for this. A web app, obviously. Something we could use ourselves, something our friends can use, something anyone can use.

That's how we came up with  Slarck.com.

Hope you will enjoy it too.

–The  Slarck.com Team