Slack™ is a fantastic team chat service we all use and love. Its strong suit is its focus on the communication happening in real time, with instant replies and reactions. There’s a flip side, though: Slack’s archive browser isn’t exactly rich on features. Moreover, free-tier users can’t even access anything but the most recent 10K messages.

We know a lot of small teams who are perfectly happy with Slack’s IM feature set, but who find its archive lacking. Some of them are free users who had already hit the 10K limit.

[A screenshot of Slack showing the 'limit reached' message]
Your team has more than 10,000 messages in its archive, so although there are older messages than are shown below, you can't see them.

Fortunately, Slack offers exporting the history as an archive containing every message your team has ever sent. is a web app that loads an exported Slack message archive, parses it, and displays in its entirety, with navigation, full-text search, sharing, and more.

If your team is on Slack’s free tier, but you want your channel history to be available to you,’s pricing won’t set you back much. For a one-time payment of $35, you’ll get the complete feature set, with full-text search and sharing, and a generous limit of 500K messages worth of archives (contact us if 500K is not enough for you).

If your team is on Slack’s paid tier, but you’re really paying just because of history and search, you can save a lot. Slack’s Standard tier costs $6.67 per user per month if billed annually, and for a small team of just 5 people, it adds up to $33.35 per month or $400 per year. Instead, you can pay $35 just once and get a generous 500K messages quota without any recurring payments. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple teams, multiple archives, or a lot of team members — the one-time payment covers it all, no strings attached.

There are some minor inconveniences you’ll have to cope with:

  • Archives have to be manually exported from Slack and imported into You’d want to do the export/import more or less regularly to keep your history up-to-date
  • Only public channel history will be available, not the direct message or private channel history (those are not included in Slack’s exports)

But hey, there’s good stuff as well!

  • There’s a full-text search feature which is, um, full-featured
  • You can share full archives or their parts with people who are not part of your team

At the moment, only supports Slack archives, but there are plans for additional formats (HipChat, Skype, IRC, etc.).