Even though we said in our FAQ that we would add HipChat support, we never actually expected it to happen soon. Everybody seemed to go with the Slack craze, and a friendly team of ours were the only HipChat users we knew of (certain historical reasons there).

But turns out there is some interest in HipChat archive management, after all. We guess one has to store old HipChat archives somewhere before switching to Slack.

So, the day has come for Slarck.com to become truly multi-vendor. In medical informatics, these are called Vendor Neutral Archives (this information might come handy the next time you go shopping for industry-grade medical equipment).

Do a Data Export for your HipChat team by visiting https://www.hipchat.com/admin/export

While we’re at it, a quick comparison of Slack/HipChat terminology:

  • Slack’s channels are called rooms in HipChat.
  • Public and private channels in Slack correspond to open and private rooms in HipChat.
  • When you do a Data Export of your Slack archive, they don’t include history of your private channels—unlike HipChat, which does include private rooms (this can be a surprise for private room occupants).
  • Slack supports group DMs, which have no counterpart in HipChat.
  • Both Slack and HipChat support 1-1 DMs.

Fun fact: To initiate data export in Slack, you have to click the green button labelled “Start Export”; in HipChat, you need to press the blue “Begin Export” button. Blue or green, the choice is yours, Neo.