During Private Beta, which has ended by now, we invited several teams to try out Slarck.com “as it was”, with some features half-baked and problems still lurking.

Now, we think we have a feature set that is ready for some real action, and we’d like as many teams as possible to try Slarck.com and see its features. To help this, we’re starting Early Access.

For us, Early Access is a period when we get feedback from “early birds”, make sure that everything works okay under realistic workloads, and stabilize the feature set.

For you, Early Access is an opportunity to try out all of the Slack.com’s features, as well as to influence the development — all without spending a cent.

Slarck.com will offer two access tiers: Demo (free) and Standard (paid). Everyone can see for themselves if Slarck.com fits their needs with a free 5K message Demo tier. All features, with a generous 500K message cap, are available on the paid Standard tier. Click here to compare tiers.

However, during the Free Early Access period, instead of the Standard tier, you will be able to select the special Early Access tier and use all of Standard tier features for free, as long as the Free Access Period lasts.

Even better, when Free Early Access ends, all users who have signed up and were “active” (see below) during the Free Early Access period, will receive a massive 80% discount towards their Standard tier purchase.

A bit of fine print:

  • After the Free Early Access ends, the Early Access tier will be discontinued.
  • To get your discount, you need to upload at least one archive during the Free Early Access period. That’s what “active” means.
  • When Free Early Access ends, you’ll get 30 days to pay for your Standard tier with an 80% discount. If you don’t, your tier will be reset to Demo.