Updating the message archives manually is boring. Now, you can authorize Slarck.com to archive your messages directly from Slack. That way you’ll get a personal copy of messages from all the conversations available to you: team channels you’ve joined, groups where you are a member, and direct messages between you and other team members.

Technically, we’ve made a Slack App which access the Slack team on your behalf via the official API. Upon initial connection, the app will copy the available message history. Then, the app will periodically check whether there are new messages or channels.

Connecting account and uploading exported data are quite different in nature, and none is inferior to the other.

By uploading your export data, you will get full history of all the team’s channels, even those you didn’t join, but only the channels, not groups nor direct messages. You have to be a team’s administrator to start a data export.

By connecting, you will get channels, groups and your direct messages, and will have almost real-time archive updates, but if your team is on Slack’s free tier, you will have access to the most recent 10,000 messages only. You are not required to be a team admin to connect a Slack account. Team admins may choose to disable such connections, though.

The good news: you can combine archive uploading and connecting.

  Uploading Connecting Uploading, Connecting
History from Channels all all joined all
History from Groups, Direct messages no all joined all joined
History depth on Slack’s free tier full recent 10,000 full
Automatic update no yes yes
Need to be a team admin yes no* no*
Archive and Channels sharing yes yes yes

*Team admins may choose to disable account connections.

You can initially upload full history, then connect this newly uploaded archive to your Slack team account in order to automatically fetch new messages posted since the time of data export. You will get full history and an always up-to-date archive even on Slack’s free tier.

To do this, first upload the data export:

[A screenshot of with upload archive button on Slarck.com]
Upload Slack's export data to start you message archive.

When uploading is complete, click the Connect link to authorize Slarck.com to fetch new messages directly from Slack.

[A screenshot highlighting the link labelled 'Connect']
[A screenshot with 'Add to Slack' button]

Slack will then ask you to grant some permissions to the Slarck.com app. New messages will start to appear on your archive immediately.

Fun facts:

  • You can revoke access authorization at any time. It can be done on the Slack site (login to a specific Slack team beforehand on https://slack.com).
  • You can share connected archives or specific channels within them, and new messages will be available to everyone you share with.
  • If a message is deleted in Slack, it will not be removed from your archive on Slarck.com. If you leave a team or a team’s group (by your own will or otherwise), you will still have access to your past message history in those teams and groups of Slarck.com. It is your own personal chat archive after all.