• Announcing Team Chat Analysis

    Chat archival was only intended as the first step in Slarck.com development. We see it as a tool that increases efficiency of collaboration in modern diverse and distributed teams. So, we spent last month brainstorming various ideas about what can help in reaching this goal.

  • Slack App to archive your messages automatically

    Now you can authorize Slarck.com to archive your messages directly from Slack. Combine this with archive upload and get full, always up to date message history even on Slack’s free tier.
  • Is Slack Too Expensive for You?

    Among the current team chat services, Slack is clearly the most popular. For many companies, paying for Slack’s services is an investment in their communication and culture. Still, for some teams, using Slack’s Free plan is the only option, because even the least expensive Standard plan is too expensive. Their only real choice is to learn how to live with a free Slack plan, overcoming its limitations.
  • Finally, Multiple Vendor Support

    The day has come for Slarck.com to become truly multi-vendor. We didn’t expect HipChat archive management to be in demand, but turns out there is some interest.
  • How to Stay on Slack’s Free Tier

    A comparison of Slack™ Standard tier and a “combo” of Slack Free tier with Slarck.com as a chat archive. Turns out, you can have (almost) all features of Slack’s Standard (paid) tier even while staying on their Free tier. How significant that “almost” really is, is up to specific teams.
  • Save Money on Using Slack

    Slack™ is a fantastic team chat service, but you can’t actually use its message archive on a free tier, and the paid tier is quite expensive. Learn what you can use instead, how much you can save, and what are the pros and cons.
  • Introducing Free Early Access

    With Private Beta now ended, we introduce the Free Early Access period, during which you can use all Slarck’s features for free. Even better, you get huge discounts afterwards. We want your feedback!
  • Wrapping Up the Private Beta

    We’re done with the private beta stage, and we’re quite happy with the results. Very soon we’ll be moving to the public stage and introducing Early Access. We’ll tell you more in an upcoming blog posts.