Keep a copy of your team chats.
Just in case. is a web app for keeping chat archives. Collect all your scattered conversations in one place. Search, analyze, and share.

Being a specialized chat archiving tool, allows you to stay on less expensive plans on messaging services you use.

Vendor independent has support for multiple messaging services (Slack and HipChat at the moment).

Full Slack history

Explore what's beyond the 10,000 message limit of Slack's free plan. That is, you can save on using Slack Learn more

Message sharing

Team archives are private, but owners can share them: whole archives, selected channels, or message ranges.

Message formatting

Message formatting is like in vendors' apps, including bot-generated messages, mentions, attachments.

Mobile friendly is mobile ready and goes light on your data plans. No apps required to access the archives.

Open Source friendly

Communities can have free, public accessible archive for their entire chat history; Google searchable.

Online Archives
(Slack only)

Authorize to access your Slack team and have always up-to-date copy of messages you yourself have access to.

  • Updates are automatic and almost real-time
  • All channels accessible to the Slack user: private and public channels, direct messages and groups (you can choose which types to archive)
  • Message history is limited on Slack's free plan
  • One integration slot is required (out of 10 available on Slack's free plan)

Offline Archives
(Slack and HipChat)

Export your team's chat history from a messaging service, then upload this "export data" to to explore, analyze, and share.

  • Full history on free plans (like on Slack)
  • No apps, integrations or bots required
  • Updating is manual
  • Only team's public channels will be available this way – no groups, direct messages, or private channels

Pro tip: You can always connect offline archive to make it online and have all the pluses.

For Teams

Teams can use as a central place to keep their conversation archives from multiple accounts and messaging services. With fine-grained sharing controls they can allow access to parts of their archives to other teams, guests, and even public.

And's archival features can be an alternative to messaging services' paid plans. You can avoid Slack or HipChat message count limits, and significantly cut your expenses on messaging services.

For Communities

Open Source communities using messaging services like Slack can have a free publicly visible archive of their conversations. With the archives indexed by search engines, the discussions and decisions become public-accessible again.

As messaging services' paid plans are charged per user per month, the bills are way too high for enthusiasts.'s Open Source tier is offered free for this type of communities.


Guest Access


for those who are invited

  • Message browsing
  • Message searching

Public Archives

FREE for unlimited messages

for communities

  • Unlimited messages in the archives
  • Public archives are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Public access to archives
  • Unlimited searching

Early Access

$0 for 1,000,000 messages*

for teams

  • No payments required while Early Access period lasts
  • 1,000,000 messages in the archives
  • Unlimited searching
  • Unlimited private sharing
  • Unlimited public sharing
  • Unlimited guests

*Offer valid until full launch. Features will be available until then and 30 days after, then access to the uploaded archives may be restricted.
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$25 for every 250,000 messages, billed annually

(Coming Soon)

  • Free trial for 15 days
  • Unlimited messages in the archives
  • Unlimited searching
  • Unlimited private sharing
  • Unlimited public sharing
  • Unlimited guests
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About was created by a team of two software developers who needed a single place to keep their teams' Slack and HipChat archives.

We are an independent company, and are not associated in any way with Slack, Atlassian (HipChat), or Microsoft (Skype).

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